You can't judge a man, or book, by its cover

What does it mean to be a man? Do the clothes that we wear make the man? Maybe it's the car that we drive? Or maybe it's the size of our bank account that determines our manhood? All of these questions lead to a fallacy perpetrated by Society. 

I live in the house that I want. I drive the vehicle that I want. I have a successful and very lucrative career. And we run a phenomenal business. Yet, all of this does not determine my self-worth nor does it increase my Manliness.

In my estimation a man is one who understands who they are. Call it self-awareness or whatever you like but it is knowing what makes you tick. Understanding how people perceive you is part of this equation. But more importantly how you perceive yourself apart from those things that you own, or that you wear, or that you drive, or how much you spend is the much larger Factor in defining your manhood.

One lesson of being in business that one learns is that people do not like to be sold. But, with that said, we as men are sold a bunch of baloney each and every day. I will say it here, the deodorant that you wear, or the cologne that you spray on, or that fancy new shirt will not make you any more attractive nor will it make you more successful. Dare I say it, not even one of our neckties will increase your level of success or make you feel more like a man (this one hurt a bit but it's none the less true).

A man is not made in an instant. A man, like gold, is refined by the fire of life. Our manhood is the summation of our experiences, both good and bad, along with the choices that we make and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. These are the factors that shape and determine one's manhood.

One final thought regarding manhood. The definition of manhood changes with age. In my teens being a man meant surrounding myself with girls. In my twenties it was all about who I knew and who knew me. In my thirties being a man was defined by money. Now, in my early forties, all I want is a quiet night at home with my family. Spending time with those who love me unconditionally and impacting their lives for good makes me the man I want to be.

This blog is for all of us necktie wearing Captains of Industry. 
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